LDYGC Announces the Eleven Winners of $150,000 Loss and Damage Grant

Loss and damage refer to the negative impacts of climate change not avoided through mitigation and adaptation. This can include loss of farmable land due to seawater rise or loss of life and ways of living due to increasingly severe natural disasters. Without investment to address loss and damage, young people will face the most devastating impacts and costs. This is an injustice. Youth today inherited this crisis, and we demand countries that profited from actions that caused the climate crisis to take responsibility for its effects.

At COP 26, the Scottish Government, the sub-government of Wallonia, and philanthropists committed to funding action to address loss and damage. Scotland put forward two million British pound sterlings to fund actions to address loss and damage and channelled one million through the Climate Justice Resilience Fund (CJRF).

In August 2022, The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition joined hands with CJRF to establish and operationalise a “Loss and Damage Youth Grantmaking Council” comprised of eleven youths from the Pacific, Africa, Southern Asia and the Caribbean to provide a leading global example of what to fund and how to fund action to address loss and damage by allowing youth to be active stakeholders. The Loss and Damage Youth Grantmaking Council (LDYGC) decided what the call for applications should entail and how to reach youth applicants, analyzed all the applications, and selected the winners. On the 22nd of September 2022, on the “Loss and Damage action day” The LDYGC launched the call for applications for one larger grant (USD50,000) and ten small grants (USD10,000 each). The application was open from 22nd September to 20th October 2022.  

It received 245 applications (83 large grant applications, 162 small grant applications). During COP 27, on November 17,  2022, during the LDYC side event in the first-ever Children and Youth Pavilion, we announced the large grant winner, and today the 20th of December, It announced the ten small grant winners. The grant receipts are from Africa, the Pacific and Asia, with Africa having a large number since we received over 150 applications from Africa. We are excited to announce the 11 winners!  

Large Grant Winner 

Below are some details of the winner that has been selected for the large grant category of the Loss and Damage Grant

Name: Alpha Amadou DIALLO
Organization: Greentransformation2050
Website: gt2050.org
Location: The Republic of Guinea
Project Brief: The Project aims to:
1) Assist financially with the relocation and resettlement of affected communities by constructing an alternative livelihood and building shelters, latrines, and a borehole for displaced families in one of their new residences.
2) Raise awareness and sensitize by strengthening the capacities and knowledge of CSOs on loss and damage from the impacts and prejudices of climate change.

Small Grant Winner

Name: Irfan Ullah 
Organization: Sustainability Week Pakistan
Website: sustainabilityweekpakistan.org
Project Location: Peeto District of Dir Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Project Summary: The project will address loss and damage through green job creation and reforestation by olive plantation, grafting, and oil extraction.

Organization: Care For Environment
Website: www.care4environment.org
Project Location: Gouache, Cameroon
Project Summary: The project will address loss and damage through temporary resettlement, empowerment, and education support for disaster victims.

Name: Tshering Lhamo
Organization: Gross International Nature
Website: https://www.ginearth.org/
Project Location: Lhuntse District, Bhutan
Project Summary: The project aims to support the flash flood victims of Jasabi village of Lhuntse District by restoring their electric fences and greenhouses.

Name:  Twongirwe Ireen
Organization: Women for Green Economy Movement Uganda
Website: www.wogemuganda.org
Project Location: Mbale District, Uganda
Project Summary: The project will address loss and damage through landscape restoration by planting trees in areas affected by floods and mudslides.

Name: Ali Chikondi Saidi
Organization: Busy Youth Organization
Website: https://letsgetbusyorg.simdif.com
Project Location: Nsanje District, Malawi
Project Summary: The project aims to assist flood victims in recovering from  loss and damage to basic human needs by providing them with safe drinking water through the installation of water hand pumps

Name: Prayash Adhikari
Organization: Digo Bikas Institute
Website:  https://digobikas.org/
Project Location: Madhesh Province, Nepal
Project Summary: The project will address loss and damage by documenting the loss and damage effect in four local governments and create public awareness among the affected community​, youth and broader stakeholders

Name: John Garang Deng
Organization: The Mawoudit Foundation
Website: Link
Project Location: Majak Ghoi, South Sudan
Project Summary: The project will address loss and damage by re-constructing 18 grass-made houses, distributing 250 solar torches/lamps, and training beneficiaries to use solar lamps in areas affected by climate crisis.

Name: Lesego Ellen Mosetlheng
Organization: Botswana Society for Human Development
Website: https://www.bshdngo.org
Project Location: Botswana
Project Summary: The project aims to raise loss and damage awareness, build climate-resilient communities, and advocate and introduce early warning systems among households with limited access to Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Consortium pour la Promotion des Initiatives et de Développement
Website: Link
Project Location: Nangnda and Kokaga village, Chad
Project Summary: The project will address the loss and damage caused by the 2022 floods by promoting market gardening production in rural areas affected by the floods.

Organization: Karamoja Go Green
Website: https://karamojagogreen.wordpress.com/
Project Location: Abim District Karamoja, Uganda
Project Summary: The project aims to skill the local residents impacted by climate change-induced famine and hunger with production skills to provide alternative sources of livelihood

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