LDYC’s Observations on the Outcomes of the 18th Meeting of the WIM ExCom

Brief Overview

As per the Excom member mandate, ExCom members meet at least twice yearly in the open-to-observer meeting. From the 28th of February to the 3rd of March, they convened its 18th conference in Manila, Philippines. Some agenda items discussed include ‘matters relating to the Santiago network’; ‘cooperation with the Subsidiary Body of Implementation (SBI) in organizing the second Glasgow Dialogue’, among others.

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition has developed an observatory of the observations of the 18th meeting of the WIM ExCom. You can read and download the report using the links and download button below.

LDYC’s Observation

The WIM Excome was held in a developing country which is an interesting shift to allow effective participation and interaction with frontline communities facing climate change’s negative impacts. We take note and appreciate the participation of the Tebtebba who presented lived experience from the frontline community in a policy-science interface. 

We take note of the progress made by ExCom to nominate members who will be engaged in evaluating the secretariat host of the Santiago Network on Loss and Damage. We demand that the host secretariat will take into account how the Santiago Network will be responding to the needs of the developing countries, especially to provide technical assistance in identifying gaps and the need for concrete action to address loss and damage. 

It was impressive to see ExCom make headway in selecting a group of champions to prepare contributions for the Glasgow Dialogue. We would like to emphasize the importance of the Glasgow Dialogue defining and identifying the institutional arrangements of the Fund by elaborating how the finance for action to address loss and damage will be mobilized by being new, additional, and accessible to developing countries that are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change.

Full Report of LDYC’s Observation

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