Youth Demand Action to Address Loss and Damage Caused by Climate Change!!!

We are a Coalition of Youths From the global South and North Who Have Come Together to Demand Action on Addressing Loss and Damage Caused by Climate Change

Are you a young person under 35 interested in joining our movement?

Here is who we are

This is What We Do


We organize and participate in campaigns to create the external pressure required for decision-makers to take action and address loss and Damage


We deliver our demands as Open letters to the government and leaders to highlight the need to address loss and damage


We participate in negotiation processes within the UNFCCC to ensure youth perspectives on loss and damage are captured during the decision-making process


We collect stories on the lived experiences of climate change to raise awareness around loss and damage, strengthen the capacity of frontline youth to share their own stories, and support our advocacy and demands around loss and damage


We provide training on loss and Damage and negotiation processes associated with it to help youths better advocate for loss and damage

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