Youth are demanding action on loss and damage due to climate change.

As a collaboration of young people from the Global South and North, we are sharing our stories and asking our governments to take action for climate justice.

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How the United States underdeveloped Latin America and the Caribbean

By Kervelle Baird One of the concepts that fascinated me as a Caribbean Studies student was historical legacies. I learned to identify remnants of colonial culture entrenched in contemporary traditions in the region. I remain a history enthusiast because I have a penchant for knowing the events that produced the world we live in toContinue reading “How the United States underdeveloped Latin America and the Caribbean”

Experiencing Loss and Damage as an Urban Youth Living in Rwanda

by Ishimwe Olivier, Rwanda I was born and raised in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Since childhood, I’ve experienced changes in each season, every year more intense: hot in the summer, rainy in the winter. Today the changes are seen in the increasing intensity of rainfall, and the prolonged drought season. Made worse, the community has minimalContinue reading “Experiencing Loss and Damage as an Urban Youth Living in Rwanda”

Wildflowers and Waterfalls

by Rachel Hay, Australia We set off that afternoon, excited to discover a new part of the wilderness. We’d tried to find this waterfall, Kiernans Falls, a few years ago and had only made it five minutes in before losing the track. But we weren’t going to let it beat us this time. This time,Continue reading “Wildflowers and Waterfalls”

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