Youth are demanding action on loss and damage due to climate change.

As a collaboration of young people from the Global South and North, we are sharing our stories and asking our governments to take action for climate justice.

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Enough Pomp and Ceremony: How the G7 can deliver real leadership

By Kervelle Baird The historical mission of world leaders to amass global dominance has amounted to our complicated challenge of disparities. On the occasion of the 2021 G7 Summit, I continue my lament of the global elite’s abuse of vulnerable nations in their quest to global dominance and refusal to commit to amendments to resolveContinue reading “Enough Pomp and Ceremony: How the G7 can deliver real leadership”

Youth Demands for the G7 Summit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 June, 2021. Youth climate activists voice demands to G7. Read the demands here. Youth climate activists from around the world are demanding justice and finance for climate-induced loss and damage (L&D) from the G7. Their campaign is on social media, using the hashtag #LnDFinanceNow. Loss and Damage refers to the mostContinue reading “Youth Demands for the G7 Summit”

Youth Demands for the G7 Summit

Loss and Damage from climate change is happening now. Those who did the least to cause the climate crisis — countries and communities in the Global South — are disproportionately feeling the effects. Yet G7 countries have been blocking action on Loss and Damage by refusing to provide finance and support to developing countries. YouthContinue reading “Youth Demands for the G7 Summit”

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