Who we are

We are a coalition of youths from the global North and South who have come together to demand action on addressing the Loss and Damage caused by climate change. 

Our coalition is made up of 900+ youths from more than 70 countries.

Our mission

To build a borderless global partnership between youth to take action on addressing loss and damage.

Our vision

A world where the impacts of loss and damage are addressed equitably. A world where developed countries take responsibility for their outsize contribution to the climate crisis by treating loss and damage with a sense of urgency. A world where we honor the rights of future generations to a safe climate.

Our objectives

  • Driving action on Loss and Damage through advocacy and awareness-raising globally;
  • Advocating for the establishment of new and adequate sources of finance to address loss and damage;
  • Enhancing the capacity of global youth to understand and take action on addressing loss and damage; and
  • Promoting sustainable youth participation in decision-making around Loss and Damage at national and international levels.

Our team

Grace Ineza
Global Coordinator

Grace Ineza is the Founder of the youth-led Rwandan
non-profit The Green Protector, where she serves as an
Executive Officer and the co-founder of the Loss
and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC).


Nicolas Gaulin
Global Coordinator

Nicolas is the former Executive Coordinator of the BCCIC Climate Change Branch, a Vancouver-based youth climate advocacy organization committed to SDG 13 and intergenerational equity. He has co-published several papers on supply-side fossil fuel cuts.


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