The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition Urges Senator Joe Manchin To Support Climate Justice Investments

On July 14th, 2022 U.S senator of West Virginia, Joe Manchin made it clear that he is not ready to support a package with climate and environmental justice investments, as the U.S senate was called to negotiate on a bill that included ambitious climate change legislation. The plan set an objective of 300bn dollars in tax incentives to transition to clean energy. It could be a major leap toward the fulfillment of the United states’ pledge to cut its emissions in half by 2050.

It is all the most shocking that in this era, Mr Manchin and the likes continue denying the climate emergency and blocking any efforts to address it, despite knowing that the consequences for everyone are terrible.

Just this summer, our planet once again went through record heat waves and terrible forest fires. The U.S., the U.K., Europe…no country is immune from climate loss and damage.

In his statement, Senator Manchin justifies his unwillingness to act now against climate change with inflation. However, it is clear that Mr Manchin is much more concerned about his personal wealth and investments in fossil fuels than about the real welfare of the people he represents. The Senator has a reputation of historically blocking any climate-related legislation:

In 2010 he said no to the Cap and trade deal.

“I’ll take dead aim,” Manchin says right before he pulls the trigger, “at the cap-and-trade bill because it’s bad for West Virginia.”

In 2019 he voted against the Green New Deal.

“While I appreciate the renewed conversation around climate change that the Green New Deal and its supporters have sparked, I think we need to focus on real solutions that recognize the role fossil fuels will continue to play. That’s why I voted against the resolution today.”

And in 2022 he refuses to support the climate justice investment package, among other blockings…

It’s not prudent to do the other right now. He said as he responded to his indicated unwillingness to.

Considering these, the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition strongly advises Manchin to take seriously the following:

Climate change is an emergency, and there is no waiting in taking action. We have made very little progress when it comes to climate justice, including loss and damage, and Manchin’s recent statement is antagonistic to the course and will set us on the wrong trajectory. The consequences of inaction are worsening and refusal to take action is a deliberate consent to experiences of those facing the brute consequences of climate change. Manchin needs to consider that we all share one planet, Everyone is vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change! and needs to support the climate justice investments package! Not Tomorrow, or Next month, or Next year BUT NOW! #LOSSANDDAMAGEFINANCENOW!

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