The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition launches it’s Story Telling Cohort

photo credit: Paul Chukwuma

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC) invites the global youth community interested in sharing their lived experience of climate change impacts with the purpose of advancing efforts to achieve climate justice and advocating for action to address loss and damage to participate in our storytelling cohorts. The first cohort is from 19th July to 22nd August

We aim to highlight the lived experience of the frontline community from the Global South and global North perspectives facing climate change impacts, as a powerful advocacy tool to demand action to address loss and damage which include but are not limited to our demand of  “loss and damage finance now!”. Through our storytelling working group, LDYC is organizing the first storytelling cohort of stories, the cohort aims to gather frontline youth lived experiences (first-hand or second-hand stories) on climate change to contribute to proving the reality of climate change impacts and build global climate solidarity.

Participants are encouraged to create stories in the form of written pieces, short films, podcasts, graphic novels, pictures, songs, poetry… etc in their language of preference.  However, please note that meetings (zoom, or google meetings), and communications (emails, and Slack messages) will be conducted in English and we will be offering a translation into French.

The cohort will last for 6 weeks where participants will be encouraged and supported to share their lived experiences of loss and damage


Application deadline – July 15th

Week 1: Induction week (2hrs)

Week 2: Training on “ Loss and Damage” ( 2hr)

Week 3: Share your lived experience (3hrs)

Week 4-6: Produce your story (5hrs)


  • Everyone is welcome to participate but we encourage individuals aged 18-35
  • Have a story to share or know a story to share
  • Comfortable working online and able to commit 2-3 hours per week
  • Have reliable access to access to the internet, and means to connect (laptop, telephone, tablet, etc) 
  • Able to commit to the time requirement needed for the cohort

Note: This is an estimated number of hours per week. Please keep in mind that these hours may increase or decrease slightly depending on the nature of your story and demand).


A remuneration of 100 British Pounds per story will be provided at the end of the cohort.

How to Apply

  • Click on the application button below

Note: You must apply by completing the application form, incomplete applications will not be considered. We will encourage diversification of applicants and strongly encourage every youth to apply as soon as possible, as the spaces are limited.

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