Global youth urge G7 leaders: Stop fueling the climate crisis and unlock Loss and Damage finance now!

Today the 20th of May 2023 LDYC launched its G7 demands. The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, is calling on G7 leaders to address the climate crisis and provide immediate financial support for loss and damage caused by climate-related disasters. The G7 countries, being major carbon dioxide emitters, have a historic and moral responsibility to lead in combating climate change. The consequences of inaction are already evident, with recent floods and cyclones causing extensive damage and loss of life in various countries.

The youth demand calls the G7 countries phase out fossil fuel production, end subsidies to the industry, and invest in renewable energy, emphasize the need for concrete support and action on climate finance, particularly for adaptation and loss and damage. The finance provided should be additional, accessible, and adequate, without adding to the debt burden of developing countries. Also the demand stressed the importance of transparent and long-term financial commitments, respecting the principles of equity and climate justice. Furthermore, it calls for meaningful youth participation in decision-making processes and the allocation of funds to support youth-led initiatives at the local level and urges G7 leaders to take these demands seriously and fulfill their obligations to present and future generations.

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