LnDFinanceNow! Podcast Episode 1 with Grace Ineza

Listen to Grace Ineza, Global Coordinator for LDYC, talk about loss and damage on episode 1 of the Loss and Damage Finance Podcast.

In introducing our podcast, it is essential to know that our work at the core is amplifying the awareness of loss and damage from climate change and the action of loss and damage finance as a response in an equitable manner. 

The issue of loss and damage refers to the effects of climate change that people cannot adapt to and as a result, are forced to suffer the unimaginable consequences of the changing environment with little to no hope.

Every year, extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, floods, wildfires, and storms, become more common and severe. Some of the most vulnerable people in the world bear the burden of the expense of destruction to homes and communities as well as the immeasurable cost to life, culture, and connection to the land.

Loss and damage still lack a separate dedicated stream of climate funding despite having its own article in the Paris Agreement and its own mechanism in the UNFCCC. We (Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, LDYC), a group of young people from the global South and North, think this is unjust, and we are protesting it. On loss and damage brought on by human-induced climate change, LDYC demands action. Right now, we demand loss and damage financing!

In 2022, we created the official website for “Loss and Damage Finance Now!”  https://lossanddamagefinancenow.org/to highlight actions taken by individuals and organizations on loss and damage finance. 

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