LDYC Youths Speak : Episode Three

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition met with the COP27 Presidency team in July and prior to the meeting, a few Members of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition addressed some quotes and stories to decision-makers and the COP27 presidency team. They presented diverse viewpoints all targeted at ensuring different requirements for concrete actions on loss and damage are considered prior to COP27. These youths hope the following quotes will serve as reflection points for decision-makers as we head toward COP27:

Quotes from LDYC Members:

At Least 3 persons die from hunger because of the drastic climate change, loss and damage that has been inflicted is irreplaceable and now more than ever we all need to join forces and speak with one voice  against such acts by some heads of states.


Climate justice will be achieved if we address loss and damage critically. Otherwise, we are going to lose our planet and community. Let us not only blame but act actively together

– Ineza Umuhoza Grace, LDYC’s Global Coordinator, Rwanda

In my country, Sudan, one of the Impacts of climate change is increasing in the countryside loss and damage due to climate change increases every year, annual floods damage homes and agricultural lands, heavy rains and flash floods affected about 314,500 people across the country as of 29 September 2021, overwhelming the local response capacity

– Ali Osman Ali, member of LDYC, Sudan

I am Mamadou SYLLA from SENEGAL. In my country millions of people are threatened by coastal erosion. A lot of buildings are lost and people displaced. World leaders cannot close their eyes on the obvious. Act on Loss and damage finance Now.

Mamadou SYLLA, Advocacy Working Group Co-coordinator, Senegal

We are calling for action to finance these communities to assist themselves in combating the impacts of climate change they face daily

Selita Pulini Tikoibua, Member of LDYC, Fiji

Inequalities stemming from colonial exploration and other origins have made response capacities uneven. As a result it’s only just for those who have facilitated and led the emergence of these inequalities to take the lead in addressing them by providing the necessary finance and technical support

– Paul Chukwuma, Communication Working Group Co-coordinator , Nigeria

If nothing is done to stem the dramatic effects of climate change in this part of the country, the risks of registering the first climate refugees there by 2050, or of sinking the community further into an unprecedented food and economic crisis are already to be feared.

Kaigama Ismael, Member of LDYC, Cameroon

Livelihood-based vulnerability is an often ignored concept, especially considering how it has far-reaching implications on various human rights of such individuals and communities in the context of loss and damage due to climate change.

Hemavathi S Shekhar, Member of LDYC, India

The issue of loss and damage is particularly relevant to our region and mostly for all the youth and children who hope for their future development.

– Salomé Montero Solís, Member of LDYC, Costa Rica

It’s time to address women’s needs and their perspectives towards climate planning, policy and implementation.

Shristi Adhikari, Member of LDYC, Nepal

Our urgent call is for Loss and Damaged to be recognised and, financed for communities to be compensated when dealing with losses and damages associated with climate change.

Toini Amutenya, Member of LDYC, Namibia

I call upon the presidency to set a precedent in this COP to solidify a just transition through practical adaptation efforts, finance and renewed global efforts that also provide solutions for the Global North.

Ashley Kitisya, Member of LDYC, Kenya

I want you to act as your house is on fire. Because it is.

Sanjay Bhagwandeen, Member of LDYC, Trinidad and Tobago

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