LDYC Youths Speak : Episode One

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition met with the COP27 Presidency team in July and prior to the meeting, a few Members of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition addressed some quotes and stories to decision-makers and the COP27 presidency team. They presented diverse viewpoints all targeted at ensuring different requirements for concrete actions on loss and damage are considered prior to COP27. These youths hope the following quotes will serve as reflection points for decision-makers as we head towards COP27:

Quotes from LDYC Members:

“This year, Malawi has suffered the impacts of tropical storm Ana, which has affected 945,728 persons and killed 46 persons. Its education has been affected and livelihoods of many Malawians taken away”

– Brenda Mwale , Member of LDYC,Malawi

“We can only make an effective change when the needs of the most affected populations are at the core of the decision-making. The moment for climate action is now and COP27 must deliver commitments to systemic change.”

– Carolina Oliveira Dias, Member of LDYC, Brazil

“Many youths are working really hard, but one of the biggest issues to climate action is less understandable government statements regarding climate change and environmental degradation.”

– Birendra Rai, member of LDYC, Nepal

At the heart of every crisis is the average person! The Rich and powerful won’t suffer from the Climate Crisis, The Poor will!”

Sarthak P. Thakur, Member of LDYC, India

“A strategic and well-coordinated approach to combating climate change must take the participating country’s peculiar scenario into account.”

Hammed Olaoluwa Jimoh, Member of LDYC, Nigeria

“Young people make up half of the world’s population. But they are being excluded from many of the global conversations on how to tackle climate change.

This is especially the case for the #missingmajority – young people from countries most severely affected by climate change, where the majority of the world’s young people live.”

– Azeez Abubakar, Member of LDYC , Nigeria

 I come from the Mount Kenya region. This part of Kenya we mainly rely on rainfall and we do rain-fed agriculture. When there is climate change and there is a variance in the amount of rainfall we are majorly affected.

– Sharon Gakii, Member of LDYC,  Kenya,

“My plea is on behalf of the millions of Nigerians in parts of the north who have lost their livelihood because of the already shrunk Lake Chad. I also plead with you and member-nations to share with me the concern for communities/people forced to migrate due to soil loss and often encountering dangerous situations resulting in losses.”

– Lekwa Hope, Member of LDYC, Nigeria

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