Youth Demands for the G7 Summit

Loss and Damage from climate change is happening now. Those who did the least to cause the climate crisis — countries and communities in the Global South — are disproportionately feeling the effects.

Yet G7 countries have been blocking action on Loss and Damage by refusing to provide finance and support to developing countries. Youth from around the world are demanding justice for Loss and Damage.

Leaders of the G7 countries must step up and implement the following youth demands:

  1. L&D Finance Facility: Establish a new finance facility to address Loss and Damage in developing countries
  2. Public Finance for L&D: Provide new and additional public finance to address Loss and Damage at the scale required to cover the impacts of Loss and Damage
  3. Vaccine Equity for All: End restrictive patents and vaccine hoarding by Global North countries, and provide urgent support to all countries and communities to ensure equal access to COVID vaccines
  4. Climate Damages Tax: Create a new tax on fossil fuel extraction, shipping, and/or aviation and direct the proceeds to address Loss and Damage — a Climate Damages Tax
  5. Climate Reparations Task Force: Create a task force of young people from the Global South and North to advise on how climate reparations can help address climate injustice

#LnDFinanceNow #ClimateReparations


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