Introducing the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC)

We are an alliance of youth from the global North and South who have come together to demand action on addressing loss and damage caused by climate change. Our alliance is made up of more than 85 members from 37+ countries.

We started LDYC because we saw loss and damage as a neglected issue, and we wanted to improve the ability of young people worldwide to engage in decision-making around climate change.

Our mission is to build a borderless global partnership between youth to take action on addressing loss and damage.

We envision a world where the impacts of loss and damage are addressed equitably. A world where developed countries take responsibility for their outsize contribution to the climate crisis by treating loss and damage with a sense of urgency. A world where we honor the rights of future generations to a safe climate.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Drive action on loss and damage through advocacy and awareness-raising;
  2. Build the capacity of global youth on loss and damage, including through project management; and
  3. Promote youth participation in decision-making around loss and damage.

Watch this space for more information – thank you for following us on our journey!

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