• LnDFinanceNow! Podcast Ep 3: LDYC Launches its Demands for COP27

    Now more than ever, the stakes are high. Climate change and loss and damage have no respect for borders or boundaries, race, nationalities, religion, or color. Today’s youth and future generations will have to bear the increasing burden of loss and damage which is why we all have to act now and fast. The Loss… Read more

  • LnDFinanceNow! Podcast Ep 2: Climate Financing and Loss and Damage With Shraddha

    Climate financing refers to local, national, or international financial assistance for the necessary activities to address climate change. Everything from national policy-making to the grassroots adjustments that tangibly improve people’s lives and well-being in the face of climate change is impacted by it. And the funding may either come from private or public sources. Climate… Read more

  • LnDFinanceNow! Podcast Episode 1 with Grace Ineza

    Listen to Grace Ineza, Global Coordinator for LDYC, talk about loss and damage on episode 1 of the Loss and Damage Finance Podcast. In introducing our podcast, it is essential to know that our work at the core is amplifying the awareness of loss and damage from climate change and the action of loss and… Read more

  • Demystifying the Loss and Damage Youth Grantmaking Council (LDYGC)

    Did you hear about the Loss and Damage grant which was launched on the 22nd of September 2022 and wondered how it came about, how decisions will be made etc? no worries this blog is for you Overview of the Loss and Damage Youth Grantmaking Council (LDYGC) The Loss and Damage Youth Grantmaking Council (LDYGC)… Read more

  • Youth Demands for the Conference of Parties 27 (COP27)

    Youth climate activists from around the world are demanding justice and actions to address climate-induced loss and damage (L&D) from parties at COP27. Their campaign is on social media, using the hashtag #LossAndDamageFinanceNow! and lossanddamagefinancenow.org Loss and Damage refers to the most severe impacts of climate change. From Bangladesh to Guyana, countries and communities around… Read more

  • LDYC Youths Speak : Episode Three

    The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition met with the COP27 Presidency team in July and prior to the meeting, a few Members of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition addressed some quotes and stories to decision-makers and the COP27 presidency team. They presented diverse viewpoints all targeted at ensuring different requirements for concrete actions on… Read more

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