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A coalition of climate groups, campaigners and charities, including LDYC, has come together to launch a new Loss and Damage Awareness Day on 23 September 2021. The aim of the Awareness Day is to raise the profile of loss and damage amongst the general public and civil society, and encourage people to get engaged in advocating for action on loss and damage.

📱⚒️ Social media toolkit: This LDYC social media toolkit for the Awareness Day provides you with key messaging, graphics and sample posts about loss and damage. It also includes guidance on how to take action digitally and join us in advocating for loss and damage online.

✊🌏 LDYC demands for COP26: COP26 must mark the end to inaction on loss and damage. We make the following demands, and call on governments to:

  1. Stop the delay, denial, and blocking of progress – act now on loss and damage!
  2. Make loss and damage a priority at COP26 by appointing a L&D Champion.
  3. Pledge a trillion dollars in finance for loss and damage over the next five years.
  4. Tax big polluters to pay for loss and damage.
  5. Operationalise a Santiago Network on Loss and Damage that works for the people.
  6. Centre youth voices in Loss and Damage negotiations.

💻🔗 L&D Awareness Day website: Navigate to the official Loss and Damage Awareness Day website to see other activities happening on the day, and learn more about the Make Polluters Pay campaign!

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