Youth demand action to address loss and damage caused by climate change!

We are a collaboration of young people from the Global South and North sharing stories and holding governments accountable for climate impacts.

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The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition Announces Its Demands for COP28 at the New York Global Citizen Festival

A concise summary of the essential actions needed to tackle climate-induced loss and damage at COP28 September 24, 2023 – During the Global Citizen festival in New York, Grace Ineza, the Global Coordinator at the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, representing more than 900 young people from over 70 countries, unveiled a succinct and accessible 10-point…

The United States Maintained Stance on Reparations for Climate-Induced Loss and Damage Sends Shockwaves Through Global Community

The global climate crisis has reached a critical juncture, requiring urgent action from the nations responsible for its acceleration. Unfortunately, recent affirmation of the United States’ stance on paying countries for loss and damages based on historic emissions has sent shockwaves through the global community, raising concerns about the future of climate action, especially on…

Youth Reflection on the Outcomes of the Bonn climate change conference 2023

Summary After two weeks of intense negotiations, the Bonn Climate Conference also referred to as the SBs, which opened on June 5th, drew to a close late in the evening on June 15th. The SBs are a critical platform for assessing progress since the previous Conference of Parties (COP 27 Egypt) and setting the stage…

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