Youth demand action to address loss and damage caused by climate change!

We are a collaboration of young people from the Global South and North sharing stories and holding governments accountable for climate impacts.

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LDYGC Announces the Eleven Winners of $150,000 Loss and Damage Grant

Loss and damage refer to the negative impacts of climate change not avoided through mitigation and adaptation. This can include loss of farmable land due to seawater rise or loss of life and ways of living due to increasingly severe natural disasters. Without investment to address loss and damage, young people will face the most…

LnDFinanceNow! Podcast Ep 4: Climate Migration and Loss & Damage with Gabriela

Climate migration is the movement of people from one area to another due to impacts related to environmental change and climate change such as drought, and storms.  Climate migrants are individuals who are forced to leave their usual homes or choose to do so, either temporarily or permanently, and who move either within their country…

LnDFinanceNow! Podcast Ep 3: LDYC Launches its Demands for COP27

Now more than ever, the stakes are high. Climate change and loss and damage have no respect for borders or boundaries, race, nationalities, religion, or color. Today’s youth and future generations will have to bear the increasing burden of loss and damage which is why we all have to act now and fast. The Loss…

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