Working groups are the functional units within the Coalition that facilitate the development and accomplishment of its goals.

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition has five major global working groups open to all youths. The Working Groups hold meetings every two weeks to discuss and strategize campaigns and programs. Below are the four working of the Coalition:

Advocacy Working Group

The advocacy working group (WG) is one of the five LDYC working groups with the main aim of lobbying governments, local and global leaders, and decision-makers to scale up efforts to address loss and damage through responsible action.

The WG works to achieve its goals in different ways, including sending open letters to governments and decision-makers to urge them to take action and to meet and listen to us, mobilizing and working with youth groups on a bigger scale, and organizing regular digital campaigns and also in-person activities at COPs and SBs.

The working group holds a bi-weekly meeting on Friday at 12pm GMT and is coordinated by Mamadou Sylla and Shreya KC

Communication Working Group

The communication working group (WG) is one of the LDYC’s five working groups. Its goal is to create and share content about LDYC activities and run LDYC’s social media platforms to reach a wide array of key stakeholders (youth-led networks, youth activists, and climate advocates) as well as secondary target audiences (e.g., research and academia, other climate networks, etc.).

The working group holds a bi-weekly meeting on Saturdays at 4PM GMT and is coordinated by Paul Chukwuma and Kevin Mtai.

Training Working Group

The Training working group’s main objective is to enhance the understanding of Loss and Damage and enable youth to address Loss and damage in various ways either by taking action on the ground, pressuring leaders or taking part in the climate negotiations within the UNFCCC. Up to date, the WG has two sets of training developed ( 101 loss & damage training and Loss and Damage within the UNFCCC)

The working group holds a bi-weekly meeting on Thursdays at 4 PM GMT and is coordinated by Eva Peace Mukayiranga.

Storytelling Working Group

The Storytelling Working group’s main goal is to tell compelling global stories on loss and damage from a youth perspective, through creative media such as blogs, videos, and art. It aims to assist in the creation, coordination, and delivery of the loss and damage stories from members around the world. By sharing human lived experiences, the WG aims to raise awareness around loss and damage, strengthen the capacity of frontline youth to share their own stories and support our advocacy and demands around loss and damage.

The working group holds a bi-weekly meeting on Thursdays at 12 PM GMT and is coordinated by Adeline Cyuzuzo

Research Working Group

The Research working group is established to coordinate the work of LDYC, including but not limited to the development of case studies, policy briefs, research reports, etc. The list of thematic research is an ongoing list that includes but is not limited to loss and damage (non-economic, economic, slow onset), adaptation, climate finance, education, policy engagement of youth, and disaster risk reduction, among others. The working group currently has over 200 members.

The working group is coordinated by Lamis A. El Khatieb and Samuel Okorie.

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