🔍📄 WIM Report Card Action

Assessing the progress of the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM)

Date: Thursday, November 4

Time: 3pm UK time

Location: Climate Education Banner, Zone D [Blue Zone, COP26 venue]

This action will reflect on what the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM) has done since its creation in 2013, and how it can better fulfill its mandate of addressing climate-induced loss and damage in developing countries. During the action, LDYC members dressed up as school teachers will hold up school report cards assigning grades on various different indicators of the WIM.  

📱🪧 Digital Action

Demanding COP26 to mark the end to inaction on Loss and Damage

Date: Monday, November 8

Location: Online

This digital action will allow LDYC members and climate justice advocates, especially those not present at COP26 in Glasgow, to make their voices heard and join LDYC in sharing their demand(s) for action on Loss and Damage. For this action, youth will pick one of the six LDYC COP26 demands, write the demand on a sign, and post a photo of themselves holding that sign on social media. We are encouraging people to post on November 8, which is the Loss and Damage thematic day. 

🌱💭 Creative Action

Imagining our Future in an Era of Loss and Damage

Date: Wednesday, November 10 

Time: 3pm UK time

Location: Area A [Blue Zone, COP26 venue], near the cloakroom and the entrance/exit of the Blue Zone

This creative action will focus on the perspectives on loss and damage of youth and future generations from around the world. The action will be divided into three distinct parts: 

  1. short theatre performance
    1. An informative and evocative performance that depicts the past and present of loss and damage.
  2. open mic
    1. An open space where youth creatives share in their medium of choice (e.g. speech, poem, song) how they envision their ideal future in response to loss and damage. 
  3. Loss and Damage song 
    1. Serving as the closing activity of the action, we will teach and perform with the audience a L&D song, written by LDYC members, that is easy to learn and sing along to

The action will create a space for creative expression and provide an opportunity to gather and collectively reflect on the past and present of loss and damage impacts around the world before inviting participants to imagine: What will our future look like? What kind of world do we want to leave to future generations? How can we have hope in the face of loss and damage?

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