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The  LDYC steering committee is a group of involved and recognised LDYC members providing long-term guidance to the LDYC whilst ensuring that the mission of the LDYC is integrated in all aspects of its operations. The Steering Committee will meet every six weeks to discuss the status of its duties. The role encompasses various key responsibilities. These include setting priorities for external engagement that align with the LDYC’s operational goals and overarching mission. It also involves close coordination with Regional Officers to advance the LDYC’s mission in specific regions and at relevant events. Furthermore, the role entails regular reporting to and engagement with the LDYC membership, disseminating updates on Coalition progress and opportunities for involvement through LDYC-wide meetings and other communication avenues. Additionally, it involves providing support for the institutional development of the LDYC, assessing and approving reports from Working Group Coordinators, and overseeing the creation of LDYC Annual Narrative Reports, ensuring comprehensive and accurate documentation of the Coalition’s activities and achievements. Elections and appointments must be conducted yearly, and Steering Committee members are not subject to term limits.  The LDYC Global Coordinators will co-chair the committee.

Charles Donaldson Ogira

Sub-Saharan Africa

Charles is a dedicated Ugandan with a wealth of experience as a human rights defender, boasting an impressive track record of over six years in actively contributing to civil society initiatives.

I plan to contribute towards challenging ourselves to making practicable efforts towards cascading the awareness of our people towards ecosystem restoration through advocacy and strategic engagements with duty bearers and state actors

Hafiz Ahmed Ibrahim

North Africa & the Middle East

Hafiz Ahmed is an Environmental Advocate, and he has an Honer degree in Environment and Ecology University of Khartoum. Through his volunteering with YOUNGO, he has been contributing to the NDC Working Group and Africa Youth Mobilisation for COP Campaign.

As a candidate for the LDYC Steering Committee, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to advancing the mission and impact of our coalition. If elected, I will bring a high level of professionalism and dedication to the committee, working tirelessly to contribute to the success of the LDYC. With a strong belief in the power of collective action, I aim to accomplish the following with the Steering Committee.

Yudhishtir Chandra Biswas

Central & Southern Asia

Yudhishtir Chandra Biswas is a passionate climate activist and youth leader. Currently studying in class Intermediate 1st year at BAF Shaheen College Kurmitola, Dhaka.

Jefferson Estela

Eastern & South-Eastern Asia

Jefferson Estela is a climate justice and youth activist, community organizer, and freelance architectural designer from the Philippines. He has been part of youth, climate, and built environment-related campaigns focused on the intersectionality of the climate crisis and social justice. 

As a member of the Steering Committee coming from the most vulnerable region and country to the impacts of the climate crisis, it is an honor to accomplish tasks that will enhance youth engagement and representation in decision-making processes and international climate agreements. As well as developing and implementing programs that address the unique challenges faced by local youth in different locations. To achieve these objectives, I recommend establishing a Youth Resource Hub: A resource center for youth-oriented programs, resources, and support services relevant to Loss and Damage advocacy. Regarding a successful mandate, for me, it would look like a strong communications branding in terms of graphics and social media. As of now, LDYC doesn’t have that like Greenpeace or, and I hope that LDYC will develop this in the following days. In conclusion, in two years, I envision the LDYC as a dynamic force for positive change in climate space. It should be widely recognized for its innovative programs, its role in fostering youth leadership in climate advocacy, and its ability to bridge generational gaps. Moreover, I see the LDYC as a model for other communities striving to engage and empower their youth effectively.

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