Uniting for Climate Action: Our Message of Solidarity

Dear Youth of Canada and the United States,

In these challenging times, the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition extends a sincere and unwavering support to the youth in developed countries. We, as young individuals representing both developed and developing nations, unite to address the urgent crisis of climate change, which has recently manifested itself through devastating wildfires and alarming levels of air pollution in Canada and the United States.

Over the past six weeks, an onslaught of hundreds of uncontrollable wildfires has ravaged Canada, resulting in mass evacuations and the relentless destruction of millions of acres. Shockingly, the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System reveals that the magnitude of destruction caused by these fires has been 13 times worse than the 10-year average for this season. It is crucial to note that most fires in the boreal forest of northern Canada are ignited by lightning strikes, and as the global climate heats up, even human-induced fires are exacerbated by harsh weather conditions. Each degree Celsius increase in temperature corresponds to approximately 12% more lightning activity, amplifying the triggers for fires to burn. The severity of these fast-spreading fires poses immense challenges in combating them. Tragically, this crisis extends beyond the borders of the Great North, as the smoke engulfs a significant portion of the United States’ East Coast, negatively impacting the air quality and well-being of millions.

Across the country, over 440 fires are burning, covering a staggering 4 million hectares. More than 20,000 people remain displaced, and it’s 15 times higher than the 10-year average. Firefighters from all over are joining the efforts to combat these wildfires – Canadian Youth

Climate change transcends borders and nationalities, leaving no one untouched by its effects. We empathize deeply with the suffering and loss experienced in developed countries due to these tragic occurrences, as we have faced similar challenges in our own nations. To combat the disproportionate impacts of climate change, collective action is imperative.

We adamantly demand immediate action and financial assistance through our “Loss and Damage Finance Now!” campaign, urging governments, international organizations, and all concerned parties to recognize the urgency of the situation. It is imperative to allocate the necessary resources to mitigate, adapt to, and repair the far-reaching harm caused by these calamities. Additionally, we acknowledge that air pollution and wildfires pose severe threats to ecosystems and the health and well-being of communities, especially the most vulnerable among us. The time for action is now.

Together, we possess the power to foster a global movement, one that holds political and world leaders accountable for their commitments to combat climate change. Our united voice resonates with unwavering strength, and our determination remains steadfast. As you navigate the aftermath of these catastrophic events, please know that Canada and the United States have our unwavering support. Together, we will overcome obstacles and work towards a world where no young person, neighborhood, or country faces the effects of climate change in isolation.

In this critical juncture, the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition stands united, sending a resolute message of solidarity to the youth in developed countries. Let us harness our collective strength and determination to create a sustainable and resilient future for all. Join us in our mission, as together, we will build a world where the effects of climate change no longer burden our youth, neighborhoods, or nations.

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