LnDFinanceNow! Podcast Ep 3: LDYC Launches its Demands for COP27

Now more than ever, the stakes are high. Climate change and loss and damage have no respect for borders or boundaries, race, nationalities, religion, or color. Today’s youth and future generations will have to bear the increasing burden of loss and damage which is why we all have to act now and fast.

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC), have put forward a demand for loss and damage finance. We want to ensure that the crucial climate crisis, loss, and damage will be addressed at COP27 through the adoption of long-term decisions for concrete, concerted efforts.

We urge global decision-makers to maintain transparency in sustaining climate action, particularly for developing nations that are more susceptible to climate change. As concerned citizens of the world, we must put a priority on unity among stakeholders, civil society, and youth organizations to demand more from our governments and each other as we move toward a secure and better future.

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