✊🏼 🌍 Youth Event On the Context of Loss and Damage in Kenya

You’re invited to our event, the context of loss and damage in Kenya, happening on Saturday the 27th of August 2022 at 2 pm GMT.

The event is an initiative of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition and the goal is to highlight loss and damage on a national scale from the perspectives of youths. It’s an online event that can be followed on Twitter as well. It is open to everyone irrespective of location and age. Outcomes of the conversation will be published in various streams to ensure that the perspectives of youths from Kenya are accessible and heard.

The focus of the Conversation 

  • The context of Loss and damage in Kenya which is usually a brief historic overview and the present realities 
  • What are the inhibitors to actions in Kenya? 
  • What is the status of Youth engagement in Loss and Damage advocacy and who are they 
  • What are the actions needed to address loss and damage in Kenya 
  • Kenyan Youth’s expectations from COP27 


The event is scheduled for Saturday the 27th of August at 2 PM GMT

Why this is Important 

  • Provide youths with an opportunity to get a better understanding of the context of loss and damage in Kenya
  • Serve as a meeting point for the exchange of ideas as well as youths from other regions will be able to talk to youths who are facing challenges in real-time 
  • Obtain country-specific loss and damage demands

Please register using this link and share widely!

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